Mo is a professional artist, based in Bedfordshire, UK. To see an inspirational film about part of her past experience please click on the link below

Artist statement:

 When seeing the world from the perspective of an archeological illustrator, Mo’s attentiveness to detail is integral to her drawing process. Meticulous study is an essential requirement to ascertain a level of truth when representing found objects that are to be used as a reference point for others to study.

 This discipline is transferred into the making of her own artwork. The exhibition ‘Extant’ acts as a commemoration of the objects that she once studied, but are now long gone.

“Drawing can be a process of preservation.  This artwork might be interpreted as my attempt to become the custodian of lives that have passed. When I draw, I choose what to retain; the fossils, netted moths from the museum and birds that have been captured and preserved in isolation while still in their prime. As I translate these forms onto the surface of the paper, an absorbing and unique bond emerges between the object and its replicator.  As the reinvention and duplication takes place, a new presence emerges in the artwork as it takes on a new life of its own”.